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The Best BMAT Classes in Singapore and Asia –

BMAT class in Singapore

Medical School Admission Results for 2019 Admissions (2018 A-Level cohort)

  • 6 students interviewed for NTU & NUS
  • 15 students interviewed for UK BMAT Schools
  • 2 students admitted into NTU-LKC Medical School
  • 3 students admitted into UK universities

BMAT Results for 2019 Admissions (2018 A-Level cohort)

For students who updated us on their scores, these are the score ranges:

  • Section 1 Score Range: 5.4 to 8.1
  • Section 2 Score Range: 4.7 to 8.6
  • Section 3 Score Range: All 3.5A and higher
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What we offer

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Your learning is the most important to us. And we promise that you will benefit from our courses. Let us help you get into medical school

The course materials are extremely comprehensive and useful. The essay planning was also very helpful.

Johnathan Lim , BMAT Candidate (2012)

My son was very pleased with the course and he was confident he would do well for his BMAT test.

Mrs Emmily Tan, Parent (2013)

So much material was provided that I don’t think I can finish them all before the test itself.

Benjamin Sim, BMAT Candidate (2013)


We are an exclusive team of former teachers, helping students to get into medical school all over the world.

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Our team of teachers, lead by Ivan, has been working with students for their BMAT examinations since 2008. We have trained over 500 students in the last three years alone through either our physical courses, our online courses or using our course materials.

Getting into medical school is not just about the BMAT, it’s about the whole admissions process. The admissions essay, the interviews, the MMIs and the BMAT all matter to the admissions team in the schools. Our team of consultants have helped many students prepare for the different stages of the admissions process into a UK or Singapore medical college.

BMAT Guide Book

A top BMAT guide written by teachers with experience of getting students into top UK medical schools. Learn more about our guides and internet access resources today.

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BMAT Classes

We run classes in Singapore, Bangkok, and other parts of Asia to help students do well in the BMAT. Our trainers fly out from Singapore to run these classes, and they also conduct classes through video-conferencing. One-to-one support is also available.

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